Dave Mahoney Golf


Fitness and The Swing

In 2011, Dave successfully completed the Titleist Performance Institutes Golf Fitness Instructor level one course. This course taught Dave how to give his students the same physical screen that many players on all of the major golf tours across the world use to point out limitations in their golf fitness.

Dave uses this screen to build a swing that fits each individual’s body type, and doesn’t work against personal limitations. For the golfer who is trying to do everything possible to improve, including golf specific exercise, this screen is a must. The screen can show you exactly what areas in your body are holding you back from achieving more power, balance, mobility and stability in your golf swing.

Need Specialized Care in the Albany or Miami Areas?

Dave has compiled a team of fitness professionals and medical specialists in both Miami and the Albany area to help you perform at your best. Dave is happy to recommend some of the best care you can get for golf.