Dave Mahoney Golf


“When it comes to recognizing someone that has the ability to observe, diagnose, correct, and tweak a golf swing, Dave Mahoney comes to the front of my mind; not just because Dave helped me in particular, but because of the undying attention and affection I know Dave puts into the game. I met Dave during my days as a staff member of Route Fore Golf Center and after the summer of 2010, my golf game was forever changed. I came to Dave wanting to change my game. Not only did my work with Dave allow me to hit the ball far, but it allowed me to encompass a sound short game, a solid mental psyche, and hitting the ball far and accurately all into one polished product. The rigors of college golf and the competition it provides is one of ups and downs, triumphs and disappointments. Dave helped to simplify the game and did so with providing me sound fundamentals, sound swing thoughts, and the positive energy to channel my focus 1 hole at a time. It’s funny how translatable good memories, positive thoughts, and the discipline associated with a sound golf game are to the real world, because although my primary energy and dedication is in the office away from the golf course, a lot of what Dave and I accomplished on the driving range and on the golf course has led me to a great deal of success in a world beyond golf. I wish Dave the best of luck with his future endeavors and have no doubt that any swing flaw he comes across can be worked out and he’ll show the grit and determination to turn any slice into a draw and any hook into a tight fade.”

-Andrew Larocque (2-time college tournament champion)

“Dave Mahoney is an outstanding teacher who combines the technical knowledge of the game and biomechanics with an enthusiasm for teaching. Dave is not a method teacher; rather, he takes what I bring to the tee athletically and physically and uses a variety of approaches including drills, videos, demonstrations, as well as advanced TPI work for those golfers such as myself with joint/back issues. All things put together, Dave has helped me to play some great golf.”

–Dan Borden, 7 HCP

“Dave has been wonderful to work with and has helped me overcome years of swing flaws through the use of his video technology and his simple approach to getting me to swing on plane. He’s the first instructor (of many) who has helped me understand and “see” how to change my swing. The game has become more enjoyable, not just because I am scoring better and my handicap has come down, but because I am hitting the ball more consistently and more purely which for me is the fun part of golf! Dave’s positive attitude and friendly personality encourage me to work on taking my game to the next level, I am hoping to break 80 sometime soon!”

-Maureen Torncello, 14.6 HCP

“I have been working with Dave for the past two years now. The strides I have made with my swing and game are truly remarkable. Because of the technology Dave uses during his instruction, you see first hand what you are doing and what you need to do to fix your swing faults. Dave is a consummate professional, he teaches in a manner that is easy to comprehend and execute his instruction. Do yourself and your game a favor, go see him if you truly want to become a better golfer.”

-Greg Sager, 7 HCP

“When I had decided to make the commitment to improve my ball striking, I knew three absolutes. Driving ranges are strewn with golfers with great ambition spoiled by misdirected effort, that visual feedback is the most effective and convincing way for a student to understand what the instructor is trying to convey and that ball flight is the only absolute proof that you are on the right track. Dave, by utilizing his video-based instruction technique and teaching skills developed through his association with the likes of Craig Harmon and Jim McLean, has provided me with a clear understanding of what needs to be addressed first as well as the drills necessary to develop the proper muscle memory. The proof is in my improved ball flight.”

-Bill Wasserbach, 3 HCP

“Dave Mahoney is a consummate professional in golf instruction. His enthusiasm is contagious. He takes his trade seriously and brings video, playing experience and his own professional golf instruction from his backround with the Harmons, and Mclean School. He has changed my game in 6 months and taught me the foundation to build a game from and corrected my learned mistakes over my golf life. It has been exciting to see the changes in my game and I will continue to be a student of Dave’s as I continue to play. I highly recommend Dave as a golf instructor.”

–Tim Pisinski, 13 HCP

“I’ve been working with Dave for about a year an a half an he’s turned me from a good golfer to a great one. Whenever I’m struggling I just go to Dave for 15 minutes and im fixed. He really does it that fast. Since working with Dave I have won a some tournaments and shot some low numbers. I would recommend Dave to everyone who wants to take their game to the next level.”

-Hunter Donovan, 0 HCP

“I started taking lessons with Dave at the beginning of 2012 golf season and have taken 5 lessons to date. When we started I was shooting in the upper 80’s and chronically hitting the ball fat or weak slices on my missed shots. After video review of my swing it was obvious my swing plane and an over the top move were causing many of my problems. After taking lessons with Dave my swing has dramatically improved. I now consistently draw the ball which has added about 15 yards per club and reduced my scores into the low 80’s to upper 70’s. Dave is a very easy guy to work with and gives lots of easy drills that anyone can use to improve their game. I have no doubt that if a player is willing to practice what Dave teaches, his lessons can greatly improve the game of any level of golfer.”

-Tim Mayer

“I took two lessons from Dave and it really helped my game. My handicap has gone down from a 8 to a 6 in just a month. I would highly recommend taking a lesson from Dave to anyone who wants to improve their game.”

-Steve Quay

“After just three lessons with Dave I went from shooting inconsistently in the high 90’s and low 100’s to shooting consistently in the low 90’s with a round as low as 85! Thanks Dave!”

-Marc Roberts